Mixed Emotions

I was surprised at the mixed emotions I felt when reading Jan’s version of the Longest Day Ride and in particularly that Betty has been replaced by a bicycle ‘whose name and sex has yet to be determined‘ (good grief I hope this is determined soon as it is way to much typing).

The diligent followers of our blog will know that Betty is my nemesis when it comes to Jan’s affection, with their regular dating.  Perhaps occasionally (OK often) I did succumb to the temptation of the green eyed monster.  I also feed my insecurities when Betty’s name was mentioned as I would feel quite a heffalump with my fat tyres and general bulk (mind you Betty was a heavy tart and possibly  the reason for her replacement).

Still I digress.  I thought I would be delighted now that Betty is removed from  the scene and yet I find myself concerned.  I know Jan will miss her, although he may be happy with her replacement yes that bicycle ‘whose name and sex is yet to be determined’ and I find myself concerned even more so for Betty herself.

I sincerely hope that Betty finds a new rider who is every bit as adventurous as MT, rather than being confined to the dark dim reaches of the garage never to be ridden again.   The nightmare borne by every bicycle!


2 responses to “Mixed Emotions

  1. Evo look’s forward to some quality adventures with Jan 🙂

  2. I am most grateful that “the bicycle with name and sex yet to be determined” now has a name, although I am not sure that I will like her/him/it. No doubt Jan will damn him – TVF

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