New Beginnings

So much has been happening since I last wrote.  Our Rider and biggest fan took off to South America, without us.  On hearing that Our Rider rode a bicycle that was not me (she described it as a three legged heavily pregnant lama) down huge long descents I decided that some things can never be forgiven!  I have been a wonderful co-companion for Our Rider and yet she leaves me behind on an adventure of a lifetime!

Despite it being winter Jan & Evo, Betty’s replacement,  have had frequent sorties on Saturday mornings including some shocking hill reps.  Unheard of for such activity to occur in winter.  I have even been transporting Our Rider to and from work (perhaps I have forgiven her after all).

Of course these rides invariably end at a cafe.

Innovative uses of a pallet.

Innovative uses of a pallet.

In an attempt to find out what adventures Our Rider has in store, and more importantly if they involve me, I have been busily searching through Our Rider’s computer and found she is writing a book called “Riding to My Front Door.”  Obviously she has been inspired by my foray in to the literary world and is following my example.  I wonder what it is all about?

I’ll be sure to follow this story and I hope you will too.


One response to “New Beginnings

  1. The SuperSix Evo is my dream bike.

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