KB Day 1 – Bold Adventure

Blenheim to Top House 105.55km 1261m Ascent. Time 6h53m. Moving time 5h:55

With great excitement, and perhaps trepidation a group of around 80 Breveters and Brevetters milled around Seymour Squire waiting for the clock to dong 10am. We had been briefed and told, “Don’t be idiots.” We were soon off.

Waiting for the clock to strike 10.

Waiting for the clock to strike 10.

Earlier on, outside briefing HQ I met the Three Beards, James Alex and Banana Man. I was kept entertained.

Banana Man - one of The Three Beards

Banana Man – one of The Three Beards

I took my usual tactic of hanging on to a bunch for as long as I could. I hung on for a good hour until those at the front decided to ramp it up to 35km/h to catch the bunch in front. I eased off and jumped on groups that followed. I was then happy to do my own thing as we continued along the North Bank.

I came across the Three Beards on the side of the road (eating), they offered me some trail mix, I declined saying I wanted to keep going for three hours until I stopped. Also I had two days food on board so was keen to lighten my load as much as possible by eating my own food.

I came across these three Brevet riders, they told me I had just missed watching them swim.  I wonder if that was with or without their cycling shorts!

Cycling Shorts On

Cycling Shorts On

That day I also suffered from the sliding seat post, which involved many stops to put it back up. I was advised by one the The Three Beards to get some turps or window cleaner and wipe all the grease off.

At the end of Northbank road I rode with The Three Beards on the road to St Arnaud, me looking for my B&B and the Three Beards for a suitable spot to bivvy for the night.

That last climb past the Rainbow Valley turnoff towards Tophouse was a very slow affair, and eventually we made it. I arrived at the B&B to find a couple whose wheels I had been sucking earlier on the day, resting on the deck having cleaned themselves, their clothes, bikes and had finished their first beer! I kept out of smelling distance while I arranged to check in and enquired as to window cleaner and a rag, which was provided.

The Three Beards arrived after finding a suitable bivvy spot looking for food and beer. They were amazing foragers these boys!

I spent sometime degreasing my seat post and seat tube, fortunately successfully and my saddle stayed high for the remainder of the Brevette.

Read the next post for Day 2


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