KB Day 2 – Misty Majesty

Top House to Hamner Springs 132.08km 1774 Ascent. Time 10h29m. Moving Time 8h:17m

Several years ago I rode through the Rainbow Valley on a beautiful summer’s day. I could see the tops of the mountains resting in the backdrop of the blue sky, it was majestic. Today it was shrouded in mist. A different scene, a mystical beauty. I thoroughly enjoyed my ride.

The Rainbow in the mist

The Rainbow in the mist

Lunch stop was Sedgemere Hut, certainly the Brevet riders who had slept the night there had left it immaculate.

Bluey resting while I ate lunch

Bluey resting while I ate lunch

After lunch I headed across the Tarns towards Molesworth. What a brilliant option by course creators. It was stunning. Bluey loved the track and he flowed beautifully along. Just divine.

Molseworth Station

Molesworth Station

Molesworth is different, slightly more populated and it had a tail wind! While stopping at the river to collect water Dean passed my by. I came across him shortly thereafter lubing his chain. After checking he was OK, I carried on. Dean caught me again at Acheron Accomodation and we continued. He got slightly ahead and kindly opened the gate and waited for me to catch up and pass through.

Up Jollies Pass and then down (that was steep!) and into Hamner Springs at 5:45pm. Unfortunately I did not realise that the 4Square closed at 6pm and cleaned myself up before looking for food. Fortunately Hamner Springs has numerous eating options and I was able to fill my hungry tummy.

A beautiful day, one of the finest of the Brevette.

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