KB – The Aftermath

That evening after I cleaned and scrubbed myself and put on deodorant for the first time in almost a week, I rang Silas.

Hey Nicki, how are you going,” his usual greeting

Content,” my reply

I see you are in Blenheim,” Silas astuely observed

Yup,” my monosyllabic reply

The conversation continued about decisions made, lessons learnt and other matters. He offered some sage words as to what could happen over the next few days and then parted with these words, “Thanks for letting me be a part of your journey.” I was impressed.   Heck I was the one who was thanking him, not the other way round, and yet he did.

Yet as much as it was my journey there were many others who were a part of it; my husband, family, colleagues, friends and Silas were able to watch my every move and I knew I was in their thoughts, they were willing my success. So although this was a very solitary experience for me in reality I was never alone.


The next day I ventured out to Rarangi in the hope of meeting The Three Beards. I found two, James & Alex, who again were exhibiting their fine foraging skills.   This time it was cream buns which they found along the roadside. Amazing those boys.

Two of The Three Beards still foraging!

Two of The Three Beards still foraging!

kb13 3 beards3    KB12 3 beards2

Even though they had yet to finish, they took time to chat about our respective rides and we all agreed at how beautiful Maruia Saddle was. The Three Beards had ridden it in the early morning and I, in the evening. Both beautiful experiences. This conversation allowed me to realise why I ride my bike.

It is for the scenery. It is as simple as that.



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