Times They Are A Changing

Dear Reader,

So much has happened since we last wrote.  In February 2014 Jan took Our Rider all the way from Wellington to Auckland, what an adventure that was!  Jan is now in retirement with Mia Allegra taking over the road riding responsibilities.

It transpires that I had my last adventure with Our Rider at Christmas time around Te Urewera, we saw some amazing sights on the road rarely travelled.

Two weeks ago Bluey joined our fold, he is a 650B MTB and very handsome and he has just returned from the most bodacious adventure ever.  Our Rider will tell you all about it.

Please don’t be sad for me that my life with Our Rider is almost over.  She and I have had amazing adventures that we will always treasure.  I am moving on to new different adventures with a young girl.  Hopefully she will ride me lots.  I will be good to her.

Thanks for reading

TVF (The Virgin Flyer)


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