Tour Aotearoa – Day 1

Watch the video – featuring Wave one Tour Aotearoa 2016 Riders.  The words are below


We gathered at the landmark

Where our spirits will depart

The signpost answering

The question of our destiny.


Sleeping rough each night

It is in nature that we find

The road that traverses

The fulfillment of our dreams.

And so it rises up and dips

Again,   again,      again,

Transforming bitumen to gravel

To stream, and then to sand

The riders mark their passage

With gentle wave of hand.



The sun’s caress warms our cheeks

Making a glorious day

Golden sands glisten

In tracks made by wheel

Showing us the way.

With chattering mouths

We make new friends

On 90 mile beach that day.

Voices subdued

As the wind freed from its shackles

Sought to thwart us in our passage

Brevetters unite conquering its force

By riding in formation.


While others ride a more leisurely pace

Pausing to eat, enjoy the view

For sure as heck, this ‘aint no race!

And that I’m telling you.



The wind it started to resemble a gale

Brevetters now proceeded like snails

Oh how they wished for the end of the trail.

Slowly they crept

Paying their dues

Finally it happened

The end came to view





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