I’m a Mountain Bike.  For some unknown reason my rider decided to call me TVF, as of yet I don’t know you well enough to tell you what this particular TLA stands for. Suffice to say it is a misnomer.

I live in a garage with Jan a very sexy sleek black road bike with a touch of magenta.  I think he is hot and I have rather a crush on him (please don’t tell him – I would be mortified if he knew).  Unfortunately Jan and I never get to go out together as we share the same rider and she has not yet mastered the art of riding two bicycles at the same time.

Every ride is an adventure, whether it be transporting our rider to work, racing, or exploring some new territory.  This Blog is our diary of those adventures.  For our vital statistics and a little bit about our personalities follow these links TVF Jan.

So jump aboard, follow us on our rides, and be sure to post some comments.

Yours in adventure



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