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29ers – Concern Alleviated

Since Our Rider and Biggest Fan returned from their very uneventful trip without us I have overheard discussions about 29ers.  You know those big wheeled bikes that seem to be taking the MTB podiums by storm.

I became concerned that my days with Our Rider would soon terminate and was on the verge of sinking to the depths of despair when Mr Wheelworks came to my rescue with sage impartial advice.  “Our Rider is too short“.

Yee hah I am saved from my gloom.  Not so sure about The Falcon though – shhh keep it quiet I don’t think he can read or at least has not mastered computer literacy.



Our Rider decided that Jimmy & Choo (Jan’s super sexy race wheels) were in much need of an outing.  After much persuasion (all of about three seconds) she convinced Diva to enter an event to meet Jimmy & Choo’s needs.  Of course Diva in turn had to persuade her rider, Goddess, to accompany her.  That took marginally longer.

Our Rider decided it was prudent to provide Jimmy & Choo to Diva in advance of the event in order for her to familiarise herself with wearing such stunning footwear (we did not want her overwhelmed) and for Darling (that is Eddy’s rider who is also a mechanic) to make any minor adjustments to Diva’s working parts so the shoes slide on perfectly.

Well, well, well.  We discovered a lot about Darling’s character as this message from Goddess attests:

“Darling took them out of the wheel bag and did a double-take.  Tune hubs……..  It took a considerable length of time for his skin-tone to return to its normal rosy hue from the green it had turned to, though there were other outbreaks at
the titanium quick releases, the hand-made tyres, the hand-made in Germany line and then when I thought that perhaps the crisis was over he held one in his hand, balanced it and spun it round.  I thought I, Goddess, was the only one that could produce that look on his face!!!!

So Diva is now fully informed about the wonders of  Jimmy and Choo by probably one of the few cyclists around who knows what tune hubs are.

I will be trying them out on Tamaki Drive on Thursday morning – THE place to be seen with these wheels.  And no doubt, once Diva has taken those first revolutions in them she will truly understand why she had to mop up the saliva
around Eddy on Sunday night [the night the wheels were fitted to Diva – Ed].  In the meantime, she thinks the colour is really pretty…..”

Diva has been informed that Jimmy & Choo have taken Our Rider to the top spot on the podium, so they have high expectations of her and the fact that she is a bicycle made of alloy is not an excuse.

Make sure you come back to hear all about  Jimmy & Choo’s outing with Diva compete with pictures.  Just DO NOT I repeat DO NOT tell Jan.


After The Falcon and I returned from our short promenade yesterday, Our Rider approached with a bucket of warm soapy water.  I just about leapt out of my tyres in delight.  Jan had received an “at home” spa treatment last week, so I knew (hoped) it was my turn.  There is nothing more relaxing after a ride than a soothing warm bath.  I was scrubbed, exfoliated and all the winter grime washed away. Finally I was given a nice slick of silicone spray and my moving parts lubed.   Now I am more sprightly than a spring chicken and I can now proudly take my place in the garage rather than being ashamed of my dirty attire.

To make it even better, just before I fell asleep, I read Jan’s posting where he referred to ME as a LITTLE TROOPER.  My heart missed three beats and then executed a perfect somersault before I settled into the lands of dreams.  I’m sure as I slept Jan’s wheel touched mine.   ahhhh

By Scott ! The Falcon Has Landed

Saturday morning the garage door opened.  I looked over to Jan expecting him to be taken for an outing.  Our Rider and Biggest Fan hopped in the car and neither Jan nor myself joined the party.  I was somewhat perplexed and Jan looked rather dejected.  He has been stuck in the garage for a couple of weeks with no sight of sunshine or fresh air against his carbon.  Unlike me.  I’ve been spending my time splashing in puddles getting Our Rider to and from work.

A few hours later the car, Biggest Fan, Our Rider and something else arrived.  I was flung into a moment of insecurity and anxiety when I spied what appeared to be another brand new sparkling bicycle of the mountain variety in the back of the car.  “Oh no, were my days of adventure to be but a distant haze?  Was I about to be replaced?

The new bicycle was carefully removed from the car and placed alongside the garage wall.  It was huge, ginormous in fact.  There is no way on earth or outer space that Our Rider could sit on the seat and reach the pedals.  So my moment of anxiety passed replaced with intrigue.

Shortly afterwards Biggest Fan dressed in shorts (baggys not lycra) appeared with Our Rider.  I was asked to show the new bicycle the ropes.  “Me a mentor, to inspire and cajole. Wow Wee. Amazing.”

The new bicycle is a Scott Aspect.  No doubt he or I will add a page to this blog with all his vital statistics.  Gosh, does this mean this blog should now be the “Diary of Three Bicycles.” He is not quite as flash as me.  Just as well !  As you can see he is definitely a man’s man.  As opposed to Jan, who with his magenta stripes is comfortable with his feminine side.

The Falcon Has Landed - Sorry about the reflection

As with all new additions to a family, there was some discussion as to his name.  Eventually “The Falcon” was the winner.  Named after the great explorer and second person to reach the South Pole, Robert Falcon Scott.  Robbie did prevail for a brief period of time.  Fortunately sanity prevailed.  Perhaps “Robbie” can be my teasing name for him…..

The following photograph shows you just how huge The Falcon is, well compared to me and I am not the littlest bike in the range.

My New Playmate & Me

A Change In The Air

This week I visited Mechanic Ben for my Spa treatment.  I came home nice and shiny with everything running smoothly.   Over the last couple of weeks our long rides have been getting shorter.  Although I have to say when we do ride my cranks have been going around continuously with no respite just like those crazy ‘fixie’ bikes.  It is quite fun on the descents though – pedalling just as hard downhill as we do up.  I really hope for the right lines and to avoid any loose bits in the gravel.

Now shortly after my last visit to Ben I was put on an airplane and had a great adventure (as you will no doubt recall).  So I am wondering (well hoping really) that there is a correlation between my visit to Ben, the reduced length of my long rides and an impending adventure.  Brake Levers crossed.

A Day At The Spa

Jan went missing for a couple of days last year and when he came home he was looking like new.  It certainly made my heart race at how hot he looked.  He told me had had been to Mechanic Ben who had stripped everything off him (lucky Ben) cleaned everything, put on new cables and no doubt other technical stuff that went right over my head.  I was simply glowing in Jan’s radiance and a little ashamed of my grubby state.  Since then I have been nagging Our Rider for the same treatment.

Last week I was delivered to Ben, I was very excited and anticipating a similar spa treatment to Jan.  Well I did not get the top of the line treatment apparently I did not need it. I guess that means I have retained my youthful appearance.   The necessary spots were was tweaked and tightened.   More goop in my tyres and a brand new chain with a gold link.  Wow I look good.  That new chain sure makes a heck of a lot of difference.  I’m so smooth

Despite my makeover Jan still has not paid me terribly much attention.  With his comments about the lime green Specialized I am beginning to think I should turn my attentions elsewhere.  Then again he does seem to warming to the fun approach.  What do you think ?