Jan wearing his racing wheels

Jan is a T-Mobile Giant TCR Advanced.  He is the same bicycle that Jan Ullrich rode in the 2005 Tour de France (some unknown American beat him).  OK so he is not the exact bike ridden by Ullrich, but close enough.

Jan was born in Taiwan in 2006.  His first owner was a kindly man who never took him out in the rain.  By early 2008 Our Rider was in the market for a new bike.  She had ridden over 15,000 km on the old one (not all at once mind you).  She tried out many a bike and just like Goldilocks the others were just not right.

Jan had no wheels and this suited Our Rider perfectly as she had just invested in two sets of custom made wheels from Wheelworks.  He was also second hand, which really helped seal the deal.  At the time Our Rider’s main concern was that her bike was not pink.  She has now warmed to Jan’s touch of magenta.

Jan’s favourite past time is descending.  He also loves climbing although he is rather disatisfied with the  the excess weight (Our Rider) he has to carry up the hill to get to the descent.  He has a plan for this.

Jan is a serious bicycle of few words.  So although this blog includes his adventures, it is more likely that TVF will be the reporter.  Jan is very well aware of TVF’s crush on him, a sentiment he does not return.  He shows remarkable patience with her and always shows her kindness without leading her on.

One last thing – Jan has now been ridden in the rain.  He has mixed emotions about this.  He loves being out riding and yet he does not like getting dirty.


Weight – 7.8kgs

Group Set – Shimano Durace except for the crankset, which is Ultegra 50×34 with 165 cranks.

Race Wheels –  These are Jan’s pride and joy.  Our Rider has named them Jimmy & Choo.  They are Custom made by Wheelworks.  The tune hubs keep rolling forever (well 7 1/2 minutes as timed by Mechanic Ben).  The wheels weigh under 1400gm for the pair.

Training Wheels – These are heavy tough suckers also made by Wheelworks.  Our Rider has named them Army Bobber Boots

SaddleA well worn Selle San Marco Women’s Asplide Gel –  time to be replaced. Specialized Jett

Seat Post – FSA Carbon setback

Pedals – Look KEO – Jan really wants to try some Speedplay

Brake Hoods – Pink Hudz – While Jan really loves the finger grips on the underside, which are great for climbing, he is not so enamoured with the colour.

Bar TapeSilver Black Fizik.

Bars – Grammo girl bars – selected purely for the following:

Image of Our Rider