TVF chilling at home

TVF is a Merida TFS Alloy XC Mountain Bike with Shimano Deore XT groupset and Manitou R7 shocks.  She was born in Taiwan in 2008.  So she is a couple of years younger than Jan.  She lived in the shop for most of her first year hoping for the right rider to come along, which happened in December 2008.

She is straight out of the box, with the only modification being a Specialized Lithia Gel saddle in the colour pearl.  This is a perfect match for her virginal white paint.  She loves playing in the mud, getting dirty and chatting to any bike that will (or will not) listen.

She does not concern herself with her destination nor the time it takes her to get there, she much prefers to have experiences and stories to tell.  She is an adventurous explorer and can sniff an off road route from miles away, even in the busiest of cities.  She likes to think she can fly – on occasion this results in Our Rider performing aerial acrobatics although no longer connected to TVF.

She enjoys a good bath for the sole reason that she wants to look her best so that Jan will return her ardour.